Sports Eyewear

Clare Darbyshire Opticians can offer advice and also supply a range of protective and fashionable eyewear to enhance your enjoyment in a huge variety of sports.Such sports where sports eyewear may be useful and/or advised are cycling, skiing, swimming, racquet sports, running, golf and sailing.

The eyewear offers maximum protection against serious eye injuries and exposure to ultra-violet radiation when outdoors, with the added bonus of being stylish too.

Research has shown that how well the eyes focus and work together has a direct effect on your ability to perform the task.

Therefore, most products are available as prescription as well as non-prescription options enabling you to maximise your performance.This is in conjunction with a variety of individualised tints not only helps maintain healthy vision, but offers exceptional visual comfort in different sporting environments.

Contact Lenses are also an option and are usually the correction of choice in most sports. They have many optical advantages in that the peripheral vision is unimpeded and also that they do not steam up and are not affected by rain.

Contact lenses can also be used in conjunction with sports eyewear where protection or tinted eyewear is beneficial or required.